I know enough to recognize real musicians with real talent and professional level skills from the rest of the pack. "The Nightly Groove Band" is filled with such; and a singer with the pipes to go with it!  Totally enjoyed your performance today at the Georgefest; and looking forward to you next appearance locally – we’ll be there!  The lead guitar player is perhaps the finest I’ve seen in this area.  
Nick A.

"Hi. I saw/heard your band last night at Dexter's. My friend and I loved your music. I especially liked the Steely Dan music - I don't really see many bands that play their music - one of my all-time favorites. I'm wondering if you play anymore of their songs. We were the dressed up couple dancing :) We also belong to a social club (Clermont Social Club) and have lots of friends who love to listen to music and dance. So, I'm checking out the dated of your gigs in the Lake County area to see if we can have an event where hopefully lots of people will show up.
Can't wait to see you again!"
H Cavalio

"The Nightly Blues Band is now a favorite at Pisces Rising. You boys know how those instruments are supposed to be played, and Lisa's vocals are just the right spot for the blues......Right between silk and flint! The band brings the blues to life and life to deck of our restaurant. Thanks for adding us to your growing list of show venues!" Anney Winters, Proprietor, Pisces Rising

Heard you guys at McCall's last night. Whoa! You guys are fantastic. Thanks.......Great stuff! Bob

"Man.....Listening to your performance at the Lakeridge Winery was refreshing, great tunes, good delivery and charisma on the stage....Great work John!" Julio

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