Getting to Know Red Koi Fish

The Japanese take pride breeding koi fish, with an amazing variety of colors and combinations that include red koi fish. The colors and patterns are indeed a great source of pride for owners and breeders, who treasure their collection. Apart from red, koi fish come in black, white, and yellow as well. The colors must be bright in order for them to be graded as quality koi. Dull colors are usually signs that the koi are not in perfect health. Red koi fish must be bright red for it to be considered of the highest quality. At times the quality of the water may make the color appear dull.

It is important to understand how red fish as well as other varieties look when you buy them. Understanding the color pattern will also help you keep a closer watch on the health of your koi collection. The color of koi has inspired the Japanese to used different terms to categorize them. It is possible to enhance the color of koi by keeping them on a good diet of shrimp, seaweed, plankton, and marigold. These foods contain carotenes which are known to bring out the color of koi. Many Ogon koi are in one solid color which is evenly distributed throughout the body with no marking or patterns.

Each color symbolizes something according to Japanese culture. The symbolism is fairly uniform among breeders and collectors. Red koi symbolizes true romantic love, which makes them a perfect gift for a lover. White on the other hand is a symbol of advancement in society and in career. Black signifies life’s transformations, while yellow indicates wealth and prosperity. A combination of the colors in a koi leaves you with the privilege to ascribe symbolisms as you wish.

Red koi need as much care as any other pet. They could live up to thirty years or more, with a great deal living much longer than that. It is important to do a bit of research on koi fish before you go out to buy your first collection. There are plenty of books, koi experts, and of course, the internet, from where you can learn a lot about red koi fish.

Make sure your koi pond is properly prepared and the fish have plenty of space to swim around. An 18 inch deep pond that can fill up to a thousand gallons of water is the minimum requirements for red koi fish. Make sure you add a number of hiding spots for the fish to stay away from predators such as cats and birds. The pH level of the water should be between 7.5 and 8.5. The filtration system should run for a while before you introduce the red koi fish into the pond. This gives the useful bacteria enough time to begin maintaining the right chemical balance of your pond.

When buying red koi fish, look for healthy fish that is brightly colored, with erect fins, clear eyes, and scales intact. Younger koi of up to 3-4 inches long are usually less expensive. Older red koi fish of about two feet can cost anything in the range of $1000 to $10,000. Undoubtedly, red koi fish will and a brilliant splash of color to your koi pond. With proper maintenance and care, you can expect to be a proud collector for years to come.

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