A detailed review about marked poker cards and marked poker deck

The process of altering the playing poker cards is called as card making where this is a very effective method of cheating as the marks made on the cards are apparent only to the conspirator. After the card marking process is completed the cards can be used for the magic tricks on one hand playing or the cards can be used for cheating in the variety of the poker games. In general the separation of marks or mark is done on the basis of uniform back side of the playing cards and this way the effectiveness of the poker card game cheating is guaranteed. The easiest way to mark the card is probably called as the card bending when you are using this method you can cheater mark the cards by crimping.
The card markings are often done to cheat the players in the gambling poker games or it is made for card tricks, regardless of who deals and shuffles the cards. Sometimes the additional manipulative skills are also needed to steer or place the desired cards into the perfect position. No matter how the effectiveness of the card marking would be but many casinos and players have been adapted this method to prevent the cheating that happens in the poker casino games. marked deck of cards

About the marked deck of cards
There are huge numbers of online casino card gambling games are out in the internet where each of the card games follow the card markings and marked deck of cards for cheating in the gambling games or for the magic tricks. In general the card making is a process in which the poker card is changed by using some methods which is an evident to the cards hosts or to the markers. The marked deck currently has two trends which are followed in the casino poker card games.

• For gambling – The invisible ink marked deck of cards are used for gambling where these poker cards marking works with the special infrared devices
• For magic show – In the poker magic show the magicians use the marked decks where this works with the coded systems and reader systems

This kind of card markings technology is mainly followed and used in the poker casino games comparatively the use of the card marking is found to be less in other casino games. The card marking is considered as a high level of cheating in the poker games where some times this method is also used for the magical trick purpose.

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