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There are three main steps in getting the best Real Estate price for any property. These three steps are all interconnected and need to be done at the same time whether the seller is attempting to sell a Single Family house on his or her own or working with an experienced Agent. Presenting Homes to the Market in the best feasible condition at a realistic asking price with an aggressive marketing plan gives sellers the best opportunity to maximize this important financial investment. Missing any one of these three items reduces the price received and extends the time the house is exposed to the Real Estate Market and buying public. Sellers need information about current Market conditions, their property and marketing strategy first before they can take advantage of the three steps. best property agent

Information can be obtained by doing a Market Search or calling a Realtor. Sellers may only sell three or five Homes in their lifetime; professionals in this industry may sell that many in a month. This knowledgeable expert knows if it is a buyers Market where there are more Homes for Sale than buyers or a sellers Market with a surplus of buyers and a limited amount of property to be purchased. Selling strategies must be adjusted for the current conditions.

This information includes knowing what buyers are looking for and making small improvements to the house to attract more buyers. Packing up personal items, rearranging cupboards and closets to appear more spacious and removing some of the furniture makes both the rooms and living space seem larger. A fresh light coat of paint or replacing floor coverings may brighten up the area or neutralize bold colors and patterns. The guidance of a trained agent saves sellers time and misspent money.

With this information, the seller is ready to tackle the condition of the home. The home should be clean, windows sparkling, grass cut and all clutter stored away. All minor problems repaired, broken glass panes replaced, the sagging screen door fixed or removed and burned out light bulbs swapped for new ones.

Setting a realistic sales price can only be done after a Search of the local conditions has been completed. Information needed is the current Sale price of Single Family Homes just like this one and the asking price of similar Properties listed for sale in the same neighborhood. Recently sold houses are reviewed for time on the market and any concessions the sellers made to the buyer. The seller or the agent for comparison purposes should personally inspect Current Homes for Sale in the neighborhood.

With the home sparkling and offered at a realistic sales price, an aggressive marketing plan will attract buyers ready and able to purchase. Listing the home in the local Realtors’ multiple listing service exposes the house to all the Agents in town or out of town; out-of-town agents may have a buyer moving to that area. A Real Estate sign, well-written ads placed in local publications and Realtor and public open houses are just a few of the aggressive sales techniques an experienced Real Estate Agent has.

By combining these three steps, sellers have the opportunity to get the best price for their Single Family house. A sparkling clean condition, realistic price and aggressive marketing plan guarantees interested buyers will view the property. A skillful Real Estate Agent makes this process easier for home sellers.

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