The Simplest Network Security Solution

Network Security is a complex problem that we must deal with every day, especially in big companies. Anytime, hackers can plant vulnerable viruses and Trojans to steal valuable data, and cause data loss and network destruction. There are also internal threats, especially from unsatisfied employees with full access to company data. Company data must be secured from sabotages by industry spies. To achieve the best network security for your company, you can consider using network security software, firewalls, encrypted pages and passwords. By doing these methods, you can at least minimize the risks of being a victim of data theft.

It is not an uncommon case that a company’s computers are hacked by an unsatisfied ex-employee. The simplest way to avoid data theft and malicious damages to the computer is to store all the data on a server instead of an employee’s hard drive. It is really important to eliminate the need of users to keep company’s data on their personal workstation. In most cases, data theft happen to portable computers, so to minimize the risk, it is best if you limit the number of laptop users since laptops can easily be taken home. Don’t think that putting passwords on the stolen laptops can prevent you from losing your company’s data as passwords can be cracked easily.

The Importance of Network Security Solution.

In companies where network is an essential, extra attention must be paid to security to prevent computer virus attacks and data theft. It is not uncommon for hackers to steal identities, financial records and other important company data. To secure your company’s network, you can use encrypted pages, firewalls, and infrastructure protective measures such as software and passwords.

You should also ensure that your password consists of long, non-alphanumerical characters to make it more difficult to be cracked. Also consider to set the expiry time for passwords. It is better if you set a shorter expiry time to keep it more secure.

How To Create Secure Passwords

One of the most important parts of internal network security is a password. To get the best network security, there are several tips for you.

Make sure that passwords include non-alphanumeric characters such as:!,@,#,$,%.
Use randomly composed words as your password as hackers will find more difficulties cracking them
Avoid using your name, family names, pet names or your birthday because it can be easily cracked
Make a longer password because it is harder to crack
A hacker never gives up before finally cracking your password so you must always be aware of their threats. As soon as you have a computer connected to the network, you are exposed to numerous network security risks. The most common security threat that could occur to your computer is a virus attack. There are numerous viruses distributed on the internet and once they get into your network security, they can damage your software, hardware or even both. To prevent such thing from happening to your network, you may consider using network security software or an antivirus. Although the software cannot guarantee that your

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